The music of Vermont-based folk duo Cricket Blue is inspired by diverse aspects of the American folk tradition: old and current, popular and obscure. Laura Heaberlin and Taylor Smith write songs marked by close-knit harmonies and words about myth, confusion, love, and the ends of things.

Heaberlin’s and Smith’s sometimes mingled, sometimes markedly contrasting imaginations form the bones of Cricket Blue's sound. Heaberlin’s perceptive lyrical voice elevates everyday mundanities and makes the sublime pocket-sized. Smith threads characters and imagery into narratives that flicker between enigmatic and nakedly honest. They count songwriters like Jeff Mangum, Joanna Newsom, Laura Marling, and Anaïs Mitchell among their influences, as well as poets and storytellers like Dylan Thomas, Alice Munro, and Angela Carter.

Heaberlin and Smith became friends at Middlebury College, where they studied philosophy and literature.


“Their songs on indecision, love and perseverance seem timeless.” - Paste Magazine, "10 Vermont Bands You Should Listen To Now"

"Dovetailing harmonies and heart-melting melodies…this is indie folk with soul and intellect." - Dan Bolles, Seven Days

"Sends shivers down your spine." - Independent Music News

"You're lulled in by the sweetness of their melodies that are reminiscent of traditional Appalachian folk or literary indie rock like Andrew Bird and find yourself suddenly surprised by the epiphanies that their songs so often crescendo to." - Caroline Shea, B-Side

“Artists as skilled and astounding as Laura Heaberlin and Taylor Smith of Cricket Blue pass through only rarely. They possess rare wisdom and depth... your heart and mind will dance.” - Mark Sustic, founder, Young Tradition Vermont