Unofficial Quotes

“I love the music. I can understand everything you sing (no mumbling).” ~ Bandcamp customer

“Player on the right reminded me of you, Chris! Player on the left was not dressed warmly enough.” ~ Facebook commenter

“You guys do some intricate shit.” ~ Sound guy, Portland ME

“You know how some people used to have the entire Odyssey memorized? You guys seem like you’d be those kind of people.” ~ Videographer, Canton CT

“Brimming with Victorian sexual tension.” ~ Local pastor

“Elizabethan flavors with a dash of Stephen King.” ~ Facebook commenter

“lovely sound. song needs some work in terms of pace and cohesion.  !!” ~ YouTube commenter

“These kids are special! They look good, sound better and write some scary good tunes.” ~ Guy who's got our back, Barre VT

“You should play more covers.” ~ Two people in a row at the merch table, Burlington VT