Unofficial Quotes

“I love the music. I can understand everything you sing (no mumbling).” ~ Bandcamp customer

“Player on the right reminded me of you, Chris! Player on the left was not dressed warmly enough.” ~ Facebook commenter

“You guys do some intricate shit.” ~ Sound guy, Portland ME

“You know how some people used to have the entire Odyssey memorized? You guys seem like you’d be those kind of people.” ~ Videographer, Canton CT

“Brimming with Victorian sexual tension.” ~ Local pastor

“Elizabethan flavors with a dash of Stephen King.” ~ Facebook commenter

“lovely sound. song needs some work in terms of pace and cohesion.  !!” ~ YouTube commenter

“These kids are special! They look good, sound better and write some scary good tunes.” ~ Guy who's got our back, Barre VT

“You should play more covers.” ~ Two people in a row at the merch table, Burlington VT

"Like Radiohead as interpreted by woodland creatures." ~ Henry Jamison, who is no small potatoes

"If Laura Heaberlin and Taylor Smith (aka Cricket Blue) don't knock your socks off, it's because you slipped them off quietly during their set." ~ Alexandre Apfel, Fiddlehead Brewing

"Is that a viable career option?" ~ Stranger’s grandmother

"As their next song begins, you recognize in it the voice of Wisdom, and reach for your journal to record her fleeting lyrics. Enraptured, you lose all sense of being as you hurriedly scrawl. The audience applauds, and you awaken from your trance and look down at your notes. You recognize your script, but not the alphabet you wrote with." ~ Excerpt from "My First Fanfiction: Cricket Blue Gothic"

"When I contacted Cricket Blue, I was surprised that their response time was super fast, compared to some of the other bands I worked with on this blog." ~ TheOnlyACG

“You’re like prog Milk Carton Kids.” ~ Someone at Folk Alliance, 2:30am

“This is Halloween music!” ~ Robbie, age 6